Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nintendo Journal #7

LeapPad circuitry

I've been frequenting Thrift stores lately and picking up old electronic stuff. I was hoping to score one of those servos, or maybe screen display. When I see this Leappad, I picked it up.

Sure enough, there is display in there. Except, there isn't a 2 lines into it. Or maybe four. There's quite a bit in there. I really don't know how many are there. Apparently there is a standard called DSI that is common for LED display. I looked at it, and it's too fine for me to handle.

If you know Raspberry Pi camera ribbon cable. That looks just like that. There's also a touchscreen pasted on top of the screen, but I don't think it works, because the program does not respond to touch at all. It does have standard 4 wires that I can handle if need be.

I do notice something: The audio plug is low profile. So I ended up soldering it to my Raspberry Pi!

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