Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nintendo Journal 10

Leatherman Blast

Although my daily carry is a Buck folder, I do have other knives. I have several Swiss Army Knife folders. Some models are Camp, Hunter, and several others. I really like these Swiss Army knives. They are sharp, hold their edge, and very convenient to have.

You see a Leatherman Blast next to it. I guess I got in by the hype. There's no question the metal in Leatherman Blast is good. It may even be better than the one in Swiss Army Knife. However, I think they ignore usability issue. Pulling out the blades and other tools are rather painful, and not at all easy. The plier is nice, and the tool selection is fine. However, pulling those tools out is ridiculously hard when compared to Swiss Army Knife.

Am I being spoiled? I don't think so. Gerber makes a good one and it's easy to use. So, for multi-tool needs, I first go to SAK, then Gerber. If it's not convenient, I'd rather not use it.

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