Monday, October 14, 2013

Cooking Journal #8

Chicken Legs

Now I can get used with this. I like chicken legs, especially deep fried! There is only one problem: Tremendous amount of oil is being used. As it is, I don't want to use too much oil, and as you can see, the legs are only half submerged. This means that I cannot leave the cooking alone. I have to watch the legs being fried and keep turning them around.

On my previous posts, I mentioned how I never use condiment, or spices on all my chicken. Since this cooking method is so time consuming anyway, I decided to bread my chicken. Simply wash the chicken legs, and shake them around in cooking flour.

The result is that the wetness is somewhat contained, and the chicken becomes softer and juicier. Definitely tastier than simple frying without flour. Another thing: The wok will have to be cleaned thoroughly after this. So, good eating, yes, but tremendous amount of work, not only in cooking, but also in cleaning up afterwards.

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