Petit Computer Journal Directory

This page lists all the posts I have regarding SmileBoom Petit Computer app for Nintendo DSi/3DS

#1 Introduction
A little introduction on why doing computer programming on Nintendo handheld gaming device is a good idea. It's good, complete, portable, and fun.
Aug 4, 2013

#2 Hello World
Typing a computer program to the editor and run it. Also some instructions about GOTO and labels. Prime number checker and factors.
Aug 4, 2013

#3 How to use Buttons and DPad
The difference between BTRIG and various BUTTON mode.
Aug 5, 2013

#4 Input + Math Tutorial
Inputs, touch screen, and a little math primer. Also map() function.
Aug 6, 2013

#5 Buttons and Touch Screen
Different ways to interpret button presses. How to Ask Question Like a Professor
Aug 13, 2013

#6 The Apple Picker Game part 1
A simple snake game, minus the snake.
Aug 13, 2013

#7 Character and String
Character and String manipulation. Also Stacks and Queues. MadLibs, Hangman.
Aug 14, 2013

#8 The Apple Picker Game part 2
Finishing up on The Apple Picker Game. Color, music, sound effect, walls, and other miscellaneous improvements. How to cheat.
Aug 15, 2013

#9 Loops and Banner
Aug 16, 2013

#10 Graphics and Paint
Writing your own graphic program from scratch.
Aug 17, 2013

#11 Trigonometry
Different math functions in association with Asteroid program.
Aug 18, 2013

#12 Packing, Saving, and Loading Data
Saving Data via MEM$ and GRP files.
Aug 19, 2013

#13 Importing Data into Petit Computer
From CSV to Petit Computer, using PTC Utilities program.
Aug 20, 2013

#14 Amazing Mazes
Doing Recursive Maze Algorithm, without the recursive function. No stack.
Aug 21, 2013

#15 Quickie Draw: A flipnote app
A quick and dirty implementation of a digital flipbook animation.
Aug 22, 2013

#16 Coral Maze
My entry to Japanese Competition. It got nomination. With various help by Nintendo Life users.
Sep 12, 2013

WITCH Source code, illustrating a simple SPRITE game
Sep 13, 2013

#18 Letter from Japan
My competition entry was nominated! This is my prize.
Sep 18, 2013

#19 Randomous Klondike Solitaire
Simple yet well done Klondike Solitaire program by Randomous. Includes Depackaged version
Oct 4, 2013

#20 Idle Loop
Various forms of main loops in Petit Computer. Part 1-4
Oct 11, 2013

#21 A Simple Timer
A simple timer program using SPRITE. Source Code.
Oct 18, 2013

#22 Loop with Player Input + Background Process
A Sprite manipulation program to illustrate idle loop processing. Idle Loop Part 5
Oct 25, 2013

#23 Loop with Player input + multi-thread
Multi Timer program illustrating multi-thread processing. Idle Loop part 6
Nov 1, 2013

#24 Transferring Data from Petit Computer to PC
How to transfer data from petit computer to PC using GRP. The GRP format is weird, close to character format. This will descramble the data so it looks fine on PC.
Nov 8, 2013

#25 Background Maker
Single Screen challenge for BG maker from graphic screen.
Nov 15, 2013

#26 A Simple Interactive Story Reader
A quick and dirty implementation of CYOA programming
Nov 22, 2013

#27 Boolean Operator Division
A division/remainder algorithm using binary boolean operators
Nov 29, 2013

#28 PTC BrainFail
100 lines programming challenge for BrainFail interpreter.
A rather inconveniently named esoteric programming language.
Dec 6, 2013

#29 A Simple Sprite Game
A competition game for PetitComputerWikia: Santa Helper (1st place)
Dec 13, 2013

#30 Programming Turtle Graphic
100 line programming challenge + Hour of Code: Turtle Graphic Design, Algorithm, and Coding. How long does it take to code 4 functions with 8 variables, anyway?
Dec 20, 2013

#31 Digital Koto
Single Screen Challenge + Hour of Code: Digital Koto
Not much programming for a 13 string instrument.
Dec 27, 2013

#32 Lottery Number Generator
An update of an old program. Now comes with different lottery flavors.
Jan 3, 2014


  1. Seems your journal #2 entry is gone! Just a friendly reminder, thanks for taking the time to write all this up. Definitely killing a Sunday with some smilebasic.

  2. Bad link. It's petitcom, instead of petit-computer.

  3. Good work and thanks for doing this!
    This takes a lot of time!
    Thanks Anonymous.