Thursday, September 12, 2013

Petit Computer Journal #16

Petit Computer Coral Maze

SmileBoom entry for Coral Maze

I wrote the Amazing Maze a while back, and bluerobin2 decided to make a game out of it. One thing led to another and before we know it, we have a full-fledge game on our hand.

SmileBoom was having a competition, and I entered this one. I was going to enter another game, but polishing this game, as simple as it is, took a long time, and I didn't finish my other game.

Still, I thought the fact that it was a spontaneous teamwork who never met in person would be interesting. It's a great feeling to be nominated! Kindly, SmileBoom has this to say about it:

"I've seen you everyone working together and making enjoying. It is one of the ideal way of PetitCom."

An obvious machine translation, but kind words, nevertheless.

There will be an entry in petit computer wiki, and I'll update the link when it happens.

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