Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cooking Journal #5

Chicken and Egg Fried Rice

I'm cooking some chicken and egg combo. If I think about it, I suppose the chicken get it at the short end of the stick. First we take their egg, then we kill and behead the chicken so we can eat them. Doesn't sound fair when you put it that way, eh?

Any way, chicken are cheap, unlike cows. I have nothing against cows. Just substitute the chickens for the cows.

I slice thin 2 thighs. Coat with a tablespoon or two cooking oil, and soy sauce. Unless, that is, you like teriyaki sauce. Cook on Medium. Cover. I always cover for heat retention.

After the bottom side is cooked, flip the meat over. How do you know if the bottom side is cooked? By smell. Or you can just guess. If you guess wrong, just flip it again. No big deal. Repeat until done.

I already pre-cooked the rice. Just dump the chicken onto the rice. Pour out leftover oil. Dump the rice+chicken combo into the wok. Do another teaspoon of oil coating. Add sauce as desired. Mixed thoroughly.

Just keep stirring. The fried rice is done when it's steaming good. As a note, you may want to cook on HIGH if you want crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

Dump the fried rice into serving bowl. Crack eggs into Wok. I like to put in one egg yolk no matter how many eggs I'm using, due to cholesterol concerns. Twirl the yolk to somewhat pleasing shape. Cover. Wait until done. How do you know it's done? By smell. If you don't know how to do it, just experiment. There's really only one big change in smell. Otherwise, just use a timer. I always go by smell, though.

No, I can't tell you how it smells. The egg should be able to slide freely when it's done, even if you have to help loosen it with a spatula.

Even with the cover, the bottom one will be done, when the top is only half done. Flip it! Like you would a pancake. It's helpful to not use too much oil in this phase.

Turn off the stove. The existing heat will cook the other half of the egg without too much trouble. Just wait a minute or so, and then you're done! Dump the egg into the waiting serving dish.

In the old college days, I'd dump everything into the wok, and eat out of the wok. It helps with cleaning! The sequence would be: Cook meat (no oil). Take meat out, put egg. Cook until done. Put meat back in. Add rice. Fry everything until done. That's something to think about when you're short on time, dish, and oil/sauce money.

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