Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cooking Journal #3

Minestrone Ramen with Tea

Sometimes, I'm just so busy and don't have time for proper cooking. Such times means that I will simply throw something out and be done with it. Minestrone Ramen is my Go-To meal when I want something quick, complete, and better than simple sandwich.

  1. Put water in electric kettle with auto-shutoff
  2. Crunch ramen into bowl. Skip the salt packet
  3. Dump Minestrone from can to bowl
  4. Put tea in a pitcher
  5. When water is boiled, pour into bowl. Cover
  6. Pour rest of water into pitcher, stir
  7. Add water to top off pitcher. 

Ready to eat in 10 minutes, including boiling water!

Boil water

Ramen into bowl

Minestrone into bowl

Tea into pitcher

Hot water into bowl

Hot water into pitcher

Top off pitcher

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