Friday, September 6, 2013

Nintendo Journal #2

The New Nintendo 2DS

I love my Nintendo DS. I have been a loyal purchaser ever since Nintendo DSi. I think the dual screen and clamshell form factor is excellent.

Looking at this thing, though, it gave me some confusion. I wonder why the project got off the ground at all. I don't even know that there is a market for this thing. Unexpected is what I can tell you.

The whole thing is flat. So, my first thought would be, "Won't the screen get scratched?" Apparently there is a bag you can carry this thing in. No more inside the pocket.

So, the next thought would be, "Will the shoulder button lasts?" Of course, the malfunctioning shoulder button is infamous in DS lines. My very own DSi fell victim to that.

And finally, "Why would people choose this over the real 3DS?" The answer to that is that this is cheaper. As we all know, Nintendo 3DS has been selling quite a lot. Estimate is that it will sell 18 million unit by the end of this year. I can see that if people are given choice, this will help make it sell.

The ads seems to emphasize that this is N3DS mini. As in, for children. Looking it that way, it makes sense. No more worrying about ruining eyes via 3D screen. The bag makes it pretty much fall proof. The price means that you don't have to worry about losing too much money had it been lost.

Once again, I salute Nintendo for having far-reaching vision for family entertainment. I doubt there is much money in this venture, but as far as goodwill is concerned, I think this is a tremendous gesture from Nintendo.

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