Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Review #8

Easy Sushi
Emi Kazuko

Easy Sushi is one of the numerous sushi book I have. Even though I rarely eat raw meat, being too cheap to spring for sushi grade, I nevertheless enjoyed the pictures and presentation of the materials. There is nothing fancy about preparing for sushi. This being vinegared rice, some nori seaweed sheets, and some meat (usually raw) on top. That's about it.

Nothing much in regard to secret ingredient as well. The recipe for sushi is well-known. The book does have simplistic elegant presentation which I like, and there's some materials near the end of the book that updates the recipes somewhat. As far as sushi book, this is average. But as coffee table book, I really like this one. So, think less of a cooking book, more of an art book. If you think your food should be artistic, then give this book a try. You may like what you see.

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