Monday, October 21, 2013

Cooking Journal #9

Cooking Egg with Microwave Oven

In all specialized tools out there, they actually sell a special microwave egg cooker. Correction: I know at least two different devices. The first one is actually an egg steamer using the water on the bottom, and egg holder at the top. It works as advertised, and although normally a good thing, it's too slow for me.

The second one is simply an egg holder. You put cracked egg into it, and close. The egg will blow, but because it's enclosed, it won't splatter.

Well, I'm too cheap to spring for the specialized device like that, so I made do with a substitute.

First, I get a Pyrex bowl. Notice the cover has a vent hole on it. Very important!

Then crack two egg. Put a spoonful of water and swirl. If the egg blows, need more water. If the egg is soggy, use less.

Cover. Cook for 2 minutes on High. Serve.

That's it.

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