Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Review #5

Zen and the Art of Well Being
Eric Chaline

This is an old book, published in 2001. I find it interesting that current self-help book deals with medicine. As in, take this medicine for brain, this medicine for stomach, this miracle diet for being thin, and so on. Rarely, that there is a book that emphasize balance. This book, with its Taichi principles does have it. It also has well-being as the core concept. It's certainly a very unique self-help book. It's closer to philosophical look at being healthy, than it is a definite step-by-step method to being well.

And that's why I like it. There is a sense of effortlessness throughout the book, that I enjoy reading. It's the most enjoyable self-help book I've read so far. Not much for resources, though. That I will have to research on my own. Yet, I do not regret purchasing this book. It's worth a read from time to time, as I strive to achieve a balance between work and play. Yin and Yang. Zen.

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