Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Raspberry Pi Journal #3

Printer Trouble

I was printing my other blogspot for archival purposes, when I realized that I was double printing the month of June. I quickly cancel the print process, except it already got sent to the server, and I couldn't open up the web page quick enough for me to cancel the print. So, I did what I know would work: Turn off the printer.

Sure enough, when the printer administration web page came up, it said unable to send job to the printer. So far, so good. Obviously, I cancelled all print jobs so far.

The trouble was, I couldn't send any new print job to the printer! After trying various attempt over 10 minutes, I gave up and rebooted the computer and printer. This should have worked. Except, it didn't!

More going around to check the printer. It's not until I stumbled upon "Resume Printer" option in the Maintenance menu that I am able to print again. Apparently, there is a status recording somewhere that cause the printer to be invalid until "resumed", whatever that means.

I think this is bad behaviour.I should be able to reset the printer by turning it off. Smart devices are way too smart these days. It's no longer just a simple turn off, turn on for resetting their values. What if something got screwed up inside? You'll have to take it to the service department. What a hassle!

Libre Office trouble

I was doing multiple windows on Libre Calc, when I found out that the new window I spawned was affecting the old window as well. Of course, this happens after I'm done all editing with the new window. There goes my work out the window! To be honest, this is the first time I've seen it happen. I wonder what the purpose is to link multiple windows to a file?

In the end, I simply toss out all changes. Reload the old file, and save under different name. Close all windows, and load all files. Problem solved, but more time wasted. Growing pains, I suppose.

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