Sunday, August 4, 2013

TheMagPi #8 has bad PDF format?

So, I was printing out TheMagPi magazine pdf files because, silly me, I didn't get the Kickstarter printed magazine offer. I can tell you that those books printed out thick! I bound three of them with staples. Interestingly, the Raspberry Pi went 100% CPU mode for quite a long time. Apparently, the codec or whatever is a complicated version. There was a time where I forgot to connect the printer, and it printed the pages one after another with no waiting, so I know it's not the printer. The bottleneck lies with RasPi!

The interesting about it is that on PDF#8 wouldn't print. Not even one page! I checked out the printer status on and it said: "SpliX Cannot open job"

Huh? What exactly is SpliX? I know lp uses GhostScript, but SpliX? And only on number 8. The rest of the PDF printed out just fine. In the end, I had to use my Windows machine to print out TheMagPi #8. So, the problem isn't solved.

By the way, I'm using the command line lp because xpdf went into Segmentation fault every time it tried to print. Very disappointing. It took me a while to note that the printer defaults to A4 size, instead of US Letter size like I wanted. In the end, I scaled the page to 96% of the original size to good result.

lp -o scaling=96 filename

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