Monday, August 5, 2013

Raspberry Pi Journal #2

Raspberry Pi Journal #2
Libre Office Printing Trouble

I was using Libre Office Calc, the spreadsheet, to print out my schedule for the day. It works fine, but when I printed it, it's a bit too small. I decided to zoom it up a little and use landscape format. The landscape format is fine, but there's no zoom control. Worse, when I printed it, the top got cut off.

Obviously, I need the whole thing on page, and aligned properly. In the end, I use lp command again, and manually adjusted the margins. I also adjusted the scaling and landscape mode.

So, the steps that works would be
1. Print to PDF in portrait
2. Use lp to print the PDF with appropriate settings.

In my case, the settings was scaling=150 page-top=-450

At least I can adjust the margin to negative values without error.

One more thing: I found out what SpliX is. It's Samsung printer driver for Linux. I tried to print from Midori web browser, and that is the error I got. Don't know how to solve it.

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