Monday, December 23, 2013

Cooking Journal #18

Chicken Leg and Thigh

I usually cook my rice with hot dogs. However, I do like to get fancy from time to time. So, I'd go to the local supermarket and raid their chicken section. I usually grab their legs and thigh section. In the old days, I'd grab their boneless breast section. Nowadays, though, after reading Modernist Cuisine, I decided that cooking bone-in is the way to go!

It's a simple enough deal to cook these. Once the oil is warmed up in the pan, I set it to medium, and put a leg and a thigh into it. Wait 20 minutes, and turn them over. Wait another 10 minutes, and take the leg out. Wait another 10-15 minutes and take the thigh out. Total time: 25-30 minutes for the leg. 40-45 minutes for the thigh.

The only problem with this is that last 5 minutes. I have to watch over them. I have the pan with glass lid, so I can actually watch them fry. However, I still go by smell.

The end result is delicious! Not as good as KFC, because I simply don't care about spices, but the meat is tender and juicy. Just the right amount of cooking.

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