Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review #15

The Reluctant Entrepreneur
Michael Masterson

"Turning Dreams into Profits"

Ha! Right. If I have a nickel every time I hear that sales pitch...

Except in this case, he's right. One advice after another, and they're all good. I probably won't be able to follow them all, but I can imagine tripling my productivity if I can only follow half. The book pulls no punches. It's not exactly step-by-step to success, but it does follow a definite path toward success. Along the way, you are guided to question not only your commitment, but also those around you.

Some wise words are sprinkled in here and there, and I appreciate them. The truth is, after reading this book, I never want to put it down. Hard cover edition is notoriously expensive. I don't care. This one is a keeper!

Not everybody can be an entrepreneur, and if you don't want to be one, this book won't make you one, even if you follow all the steps. But if you truly want to be a successful entrepreneur, this book gives you a great head start.

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