Thursday, December 26, 2013

Book Review #16

American Bar Association: Legal Guide to Game Development
Ross Dannenberg (Editor)

I have always wanted to have my own video game development company. I just don't know how. All the books out there is simply a guide on how to build a generic business. That's not true. I found a book on how to run your own Food Truck. Somebody actually recommended a good book on video game company development. That book is out of print. This book is my substitute.

Unfortunately, it makes for a boring reading. I suppose lawyers are boring creatures. I understand the need for precise wording, but it's like, they have no imagination whatsoever. Oh, well. All the pertinent info are there. At least I think so, since I'm not a lawyer. The book does details the game development process from idea to implementation to execution. Of course, all the pertinent regulations are highlighted. The book does an admirable job explaining the laws as they affect the gaming development.

It has enough examples and exposition to make the issues clear to me. Well. It's just so boring, though. Of course, the value of this book isn't entertainment. It's legal advice, as close as you can get without actually consulting a lawyer. On that, the book succeeds. Give it a try. You may be surprised as just how many of those laws apply to a simple game development process.

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