Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review 14

Book #14 Getting Started with Processing
Casey Reas and Ben Fry

First of all, I love the Processing language. It's fun, portable, and easy to learn. I abhor the name. Why? Because every time I google it, I never found it! Really, I think Proce55ing is better because when I google that, it goes right to the site!

So, having actually learned the language, why did I pick up the book? Because I love the language and I want as many people to use it as possible. The book is interesting because it is the first "Getting Started" book from O'Reilly that I found. And I found out that hand-drawn sketches makes perfectly usable illustrations, even when it can best served with computer graphic or CAD.

I find the book features just the right amount of personal touches for the artist in me, and yet not skimp on the technical side for the scientist in me. A rare treat that is yet to be duplicated from other "Getting Started" books.

The only complaint that I have is that the subject matter is too brief. It touches on other Processing usage, such as Arduino. However, I think that extra projects such as Arduino is best left to other "Getting Started" book. You can put a mention there, of course, but let's not dwell upon them.

All in all, a good book marred only by trying to be comprehensive in a small book. Highly recommended.

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