Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Raspberry Pi Journal #37

Trying Out Operating System

So, I was trying out different operating system. The two I want to check are Arch Linux and Raspbmc. So, here is my impression of them:

Arch Linux

This distro has been touted as "light" OS because of the minimal packages installed on it. I can certainly vouch for its minimalism. There's hardly anything there! Supposedly it has an excellent package manager "pacman" that lets you install the most current, desirable packages. Sadly, it's a whole new OS, and packages. That means, I have to learn everything from scratch. I did check out the package list, and although there are some overlap with Raspbian, some of the packages are custom version specific to Arch Linux. In the end, I decided that if I want a slim OS, I'd sooner clean up Raspbian out of unnecessary packages, rather than starting a whole new OS from scratch.


I have heard that this distro is painless and fun. So, with great anticipation, I installed it. It's a simple matter to run NOOBS on it, and overwrite the SD card with this system. After some booting, the picture ended up skewed on the monitor. Uh-oh. Bad sign. Turns out it's not a problem at all. After a couple reboots, the system went up. It's just as they said: painlessly simple. I went around the menus, and admiring the user interface. There's no TV show, though. Hmmmm. I went to the option menu and installed some Internet TV connection. There's no connection.

Well, duh, obviously I need to connect it to the Internet. I completely forgot about that. The problem is, there's absolutely to option to scan Internet connection! None whatsoever. In the end, I have to look up my SSID, and typed it in exactly. Lo and behold! It worked!

The distro then went into automatic OS upgrade cycle. Auto re-boot. And that's the last thing I saw from it. It went to blank screen from then on. Sigh.

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