Monday, November 18, 2013

Cooking Journal #13

Potato chips

For a time, Lays was selling Sriracha potato chips. It's somewhere between BBQ and SuperHot. I love it. I just bought multiple bags of them. Well, Lays stopped selling them. Unfortunately, now that I know just how good potato chips with sriracha sauce can be, there's no going back! BBQ is not good enough anymore! So I cook my own.

 Regarding potato chip, I can tell you that the thinner you can slice it, the better! It's helpful if you have a slicer, then you can just set it up to the thinnest section. Paper thin is just right!

Frying them is simplicity itself. Just deep fry them until they float. You may even wait until they go slightly brown for extra crispiness.

It's okay if some of the chip "bubbles". It just makes it that extra crunchy!

Make sure to drain the oil with paper towel. Salt to taste, although personally, I never bothered. Serve with sriracha sauce. Delicious!

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