Thursday, November 28, 2013

Book Review #12

Book #12 Simply Tai chi
Graham Bryant and Lorraine James

This is such a simple book that I got from a package. I believe it comes with DVD, although apparently I misplaced it. The good point is that it is clear, touches all the relevant points, and has good illustrations. The bad point is that the information presented is incomplete.

Half the book is dedicated for warming up and preparation. This is good. Most Tai Chi books just skipped between history and the forms. The activities here definitely helps in relaxation, necessary to do Tai Chi properly. The second half is dedicated to the forms, and here it fails. Not only there are only a pitiful few forms presented, but there is no sense of coherence. As this is personal, but I want to see feet weight distribution diagram to make it complete. There is no feet weight distribution diagram, nor there is some kind of directional marker. With the photograph shot at different angles, this can be confusing.

The book certainly simplifies Tai Chi so that it is accessible for everybody, and it certainly looks like fun. But I have to consider this to be an introduction to Tai Chi, as opposed to full formed Tai Chi.

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