Monday, January 13, 2014

Cooking Journal #21


Yes, that's KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. I cook my own rice, and I cook my own egg. This dish is brown rice, egg, and fried chicken. It's very quick to prepare since I'm using Success Rice. I fried the egg, while the rice is cooking. The chicken is courtesy of KFC. You're probably wondering why I bothered to cook rice and egg if I'm eating KFC chicken? The answer is that I don't eat chicken as a meal. I eat rice as the main meal, and chicken is just something extra.

In any case, it's too salty. KFC maybe famous for their secret spice, but the current KFC is mostly salt and pepper. Make that various salt and pepper. For some reason, I keep thinking Monosodium glutamate (MSG) every time I eat KFC. But what can I say? It tastes delicious! So, I do take KFC original style chicken from time to time.

I limit myself to just legs and thighs. Dark meat. 10 piece bucket. $14.03. That's enough for five meals. About $3 meal. I think that's a good deal, considering the great taste of KFC. I do know how to cook tender, juicy Leg+Thigh chicken. But the process takes 45 minutes each. For quick meals when I'm tired, KFC makes a good substitute!

There's a caution here, though. Usually KFC features big sized chicken. However, lately, their size is on the smallish side. Considering that, I think $10 is about right. When I found out that they charge $14 for the small chicken size, well, I stopped coming. There's that.

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