Monday, January 6, 2014

Cooking Journal #20

Potato Chips

I know I did potato chips cooking last time. However, For this one, I use a special slicer board. Grab yourself a bag of Russel potatoes from your local supermarket and do it.

I fry them using medium heat, as usual. The whole process took 45 minutes. The way I do it is to just hold the slicer on top of the pan and just slice the potato right into the pan. I can usually fit 20 slices at a time. Then wait until they're done.

I like it when they're stops being yellow and starts to become golden, but not so much. I experimented with the thinnest slice and the second thinnest (1/32) and prefer the second thinnest. You may have a different preference.

The subsequent slices would cook faster due to the oil warms up as it goes. And that's the trouble. Whenever I do this, it's upwards one hour for the whole thing to finish. I usually just eat the first batch while the second batch is cooking, and so on.

I have to say that the end result is terrific! I thought that I'd need to use salt or something to make it taste good. I had Sriracha sauce prepared, but it turns out, I don't need it. That's right. I just eat it without salt or anything. They're that good!

So, if you're wondering whether or not you should invest in potato chip microwave thing, I'd say, no. This is good enough. I will admit that doing this takes a very long time, as it is not a hands-off operation. I need to watch the whole cooking process from start to finish.

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