Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review #29

Book #29 The Total Outdoorsman Manual
T. Edward Nickens et al

Published by Field and Stream, it is indeed an excellent book for outdoorsman. The book is filled with various tips for the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, camping, and survival. The hunting section is further divided into various animals. Dressings and cooking are explained as well. Priced at only $25 yet filled with almost 400 pages of picture-filled pages, this represent an excellent deal.

I'm really impressed with the wide variety of content. If there's anything I'd like to see more, it's camping. The camping section is rather minimal. Then again, Field & Stream denotes hunting and fishing. Camping is only enough to get you going and taken care of, but the priority is certainly in getting your animal bagged and back to camp. In that view, it succeeds admirably.

If you are a hunter, fisherman, or just someone who is contemplating whether or not to venture to the great outdoors, then this is a book worth a reading. Recommended.


  1. Ramstrong have you given up petit computer? Anyways, I like camping except for the bugs. - TexMurphy (aka mxcoder)

  2. Sorry. I've been sick a lot. Half Jan/Feb. All of March. The doctors took their time, for some reason. Not a lot get done when most of the projects have this note on progress report: "Lying in bed in pain all day long." :(

  3. Sorry about you being sick. I know the feeling. But with that food your eating. lol just kidding. I've been through like 10 test and all the doctors can come up with is gastritis and ofcourse diabeties. It might be the 2 liter of soda I drink each day. Get better soon - TextMurphy

  4. I'm currently working on some vector drawing program. I was planning to use Turtle graphics to make drawings to save byte counts, but I found out how to work Bezier curves, so I toss out Turtle graphic project and currently working on Bezier drawing program. Still on the design phase, but shouldn't be too long now, at least for simple demo program.

  5. So, they put me on Metformin. It's supposed to give me diarrhea. Oh, well. I hope you don't need insulin. No cavities from 2 liter sodas per day? Lucky guy. I have several, and I don't even drink that much soda!