Monday, February 17, 2014

Cooking Journal #26

Peasant Bread

So, after the dehydrator experiment failure, I decided to do another experimentation. This time, I bought myself a bread maker. The first two experiments were, to put it mildly, total disasters. The first one was obviusly lacking water. The second one, too much.

The third experiment was successful. I bought a bread machine recipe book and in the introduction, it mentioned how unlike hand made bread, bread cooking machine demands accuracy in ingredient measurements. Well, now I know!

I picked the simplest recipe in that book, and that's peasant's bread. 1 part water. 3 parts flour. 2 spoons sugar. 1 spoon salt (I use leftover ramen salt packet!) and 1 packet of yeast. I notice a bit of dryness when mixing dough, so I added 2 spoonful of water at a time, until I judge that the dough is fine. I think it ended up a little more moist that I anticipated, but that's okay.

The end result is terrific! Once I started into the eating the bread, I couldn't stop! As you can see from the picture, I ate the bread in one go! Well done!

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