Monday, February 10, 2014

Cooking Journal #25

Dried Kale Chips

If you remember that dehydrator I got a while back, it was not successful. Well, it was, but too high maintenance for me. Here is the commercial version of the kale chips. The thing that may be surprising is how expensive this thing is. Definitely not your everyday consumption. Okay for occasional snack, though.

Another thing that I find objectionable is that there is too much salt. Okay, so I prefer things "pure" without any spices added, but this is clearly too much!

I find it very surprising at the weight. These are almost weightless! The chips crumbles very easily, so I'm guessing that they really evaporated the water completely!

You may want to try these out, but too salty for me! I much prefer the homemade one. Maybe one of these days, I'll try it using regular oven.

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