Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hour of Code 2014

Hour of Code is coming, and I'm preparing several programs that you can do in your spare time. It may not be one hour, at least for you, but it will be one hour for me. :)

I'll be using my favorite computer development platform: Petit Computer for Nintendo DSi. I do wish that I have the latest Mk 3 version that is out in Japan now, but so far, not for US.

The first program is already done: Debugger. I'll just have to write it up. Turtle Graphic is an old stand-by, but I think I'm going to implement Travelling Salesman Problem. That's right, the NP hard problem that is the sink of so many man hours of computer science researchers. There's also a re-implementation of Quicksort both recursive version (in Basic!) and non-recursive version (Merge sort!)

I'm sure I can think of a few more fun stuff to write in one hour. Hey, it's quick and easy. What are you waiting for? Download Petit Computer DSiWare for your Nintendo game device and get programming!


  1. awesome that you for all the information on programming for BASIC on petit computer. i am learning programming from scratch and your journal entries have been helping me learn so much that i have begun trying to create a game in petit computer. it is really hard because i am not as fast as you in learning the programming language and also do not have that much free time either but hopefully i will be able to make something that me and my friends can enjoy. thanks for everything

  2. Ramstrong are you also on Petit Computer Wiki? Have have been writing some programs like Mortal Kombat, Scopa, and Talon. Good to hear you are still interested in Petit Computer. I like testing the bounds of what can be done on Petit Computer. -Tex Murphy / Mxcoder